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1. Free trial and experience

If you still wonder about choosing a suitable cost-efficiency model, eSmart will make you never regret with your decision with us. This is a place where you can have a chance to try all the eSmart services for free.

2. Diverse and try now

Multiple packages will be affordable for different clients' needs at all the levels from a small to a big scale. They are all designed to dedicate client's demand.

3. Buy 1 get 2

With only one paid package, clients have the right to utilize all the high quality services at both buildings in central D1 and D3.

4. Full package included

A-Z services as ideal working space, professional support from reception and accounting department.

5. Online support 24/7

Many free services are provided like postmail receiving/forwarding, online package tracking, transmit fax to personal email and call forwarding. And everything is always kept strictly confidential.

6. Fully equipped, keep mind on work

Wipe away your nerves about monthly bills, because no extra cost will be charged for using eSmart's service such as electricity, drink, water, cleaning, Internet, air conditioner, call center, facilities maintainance and IT support. We prepare everything for you to become successful.






               If you have a brilliant idea với with passion in running your own

            business and eager to be successful.. 

    If you have limited budget and you want to minimize the expenditure 

           but still remaining effectiveness.

   If your start-up's first steps are hindered by obstacles and your dream

           is nearly vanished.

     We are your partner

     accompanied with you to success.