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Office desk for rent pricelist

 With lowest cost, YOU still have:
 - Outstanding office in central HCMC
 - Personal working space
 - Meeting room, lobby lounge....
 - Special offer, Business registration for FREE!



Office desk

 Pricelist ( multiply ratio k by $)

From 120$

 Pffice desk


 Professional reception


 English translator*


 High speed Internet


 IT support at office

 Name board inside building*

 Business address and on namecard.

 Lobby lounge


 Meeting room (hours)


 Mutual Fax number

 Printing, photocopy


 Call center**

 Mutual phone number

 Personal phone number

 Call forwarding as requested

 Package receive/delivery as requested

 Free tax report

 Start new business


* English translator support enterprise in meeting local clients for FREE.
* Name board: different location with different packages.
** Receptionists answer directly and foward calls to clients at any places.

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