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- Shortage of time ?
- Challenges in regulation documents ?
- Disapproved record ?........
eSmart ! is your ideal solution to handle all the problems you got to finish your business license registration quickly with appropriate cost. 


Investment Certificate service - Establish new company - Changing business address

You have good idea for business and want to develop them into your own business in order to merge your enterprise into the dynamic Vietnamese market. Do not hesitate to contact us for free consultation in establishing new company, business investment, accounting, tax deduction and its regulation requirements.  

How does the business registration for foreigners work?

- Receiving the needs of customers by phone or email

- Meeting to sign the contract and receive all information on file

- Complete documents after 5 days of receipt of all information of customers

- Make an appointment with customers to sign documents

- Apply as soon as possible

- Recieve Certificate of investment at Department of planning and investment

- Contact us for the seals

- Send Certificate of investment and seals to customers

The necessary requirements to register foreign companies doing business in VN?

1.  Registration / Request for certificate of investment

2.  Report on the financial ability of the investors

3. The draft charter of the company corresponding to each type of business (The sole member limited liability company, limited liability company with two or more members, Corporation, Partnership).

4. List of members corresponding to each type of business organization

5. Documents certifying the legal status of the founding members

6. Practice certificate of members and other individuals, for companies to register the business conditions.

7. The authorized documents of the investors for the person authorized

How long will it take?

Time: 30 - 45 working days from the date of filling

How much does it cost?

Service fee: 500- 4000 USD (no Governmental fees, no VAT included)

Cheapest is not always the best solution for business investment. HIGH QUALITY SERVICE, appropriate price will reduce time, work and money of enterprise. 
Contact us via: 0915.297.989 - Ms.Thi  to experience outstanding quality service and receive support to ensure your business success within 2-6 months. 

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